Watch the performance of the extreme manifestation

The watch originated in nineteenth Century, in twentieth Century, because of the rapid development of Japan during the electronic watch, mechanical replica watches silent for nearly half a century, until 1980s, the mechanical watch was ushered in the climax again. The teacher's unremitting efforts, the pursuit of the ultimate development of it. Today saw a lot of super have prompted by a sudden impulse, the performance of the watch, share this. A diving watch in the extreme Diving in the last century, the rise in 60s, but before this, the human began to explore the ocean, so professional diving table was born, the most representative is Rolex drowner, hippocampus deepsea and OMEGA, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Panerai, of course, HELSON and so on are a lot of diving table. Diving personal understanding can be divided into professional diving and recreational diving. Kelpy Rolex waterproof to a depth of only 300 meters, only as a recreational diving, OMEGA in 600 meters, it can be as a professional underwater diving watch, but since it is diving extreme, these are undoubtedly a lot less. OMEGA hippocampus ploprof waterproof depth of 1200 meters, enough? Not enough, let's look at the diving watch of the extreme manifestation of Rolex in 2012 deepsea challenge watch test watch, waterproof depth 12000 meters. Rolex deepsea series is the undersea explorer to create an exclusive, it is waterproof to a depth of 3900 meters, deepsea challenge test and the 2012 launch of the uk replica watches is waterproof to a depth of 12000 meters, the watch with the "Mariana Trench National Geographic Explorer James Cameron at the end of the world's most successful exploration of deep - trench. Then the deepsea challenge watch what is out of the ordinary place? Rolex deepsea challenge watch use case design to three, compared with the traditional two piece case, sealing better. Patek Philippe Nautilus uses the same style case design is different, three pieces, three piece Rolex case design for brand creation -- specifically for the deepsea Ringlock system, in order to support the strong pressure of the sea floor, watchcase configuration the enormous pressure to bear the submarine smashed nitrogen alloy stainless steel ring, common diving table only by the block of stainless steel shell. At the same time, the surface is equipped with a 5 mm thick with high purity aluminum oxide processing arched blue crystal glass, the arch is designed according to the mechanics principle, to the inner shell surface of uniform pressure distribution to the edge of the slow, powerful pressure by crystal glass; secondly, in addition to the water outside the sea, also filled with molecules small nitrogen, nitrogen can penetrate metal molecules in the void, into the watch, dive, external pressure is greater than the internal pressure of nitrogen will watch, penetrate, until the internal and external pressure is equal, but the latency, due to nitrogen exudation is very slow, the inside and outside pressure will gradually increase, this will cause great influence to the movement, so rolex replica uk is equipped with a helium valve, but basically all the depth of this undersea exploration watch will have this kind of design is different, Rolex uses automatic Helium valve, using the internal and external pressure difference of more than 3 to 5 bar, helium valve will automatically start discharging helium valve will need to manually according to OMEGA; third, Rolex's cover with a titanium metal material, to watch, the most pressure is the surface and bottom cover, resistance of titanium metal high, can withstand the pressure of deep sea brings, and can also be equipped with a compression ring, they are closely connected, to ensure the absolute watch seal, and with the increase in water pressure, between them will fit more closely; finally, of course, this is not very important, because this is Rolex's patent, glidelock watch strap extension system. It is able to watch watchband extension, the watch can wear in the diving suit outside, without this system, then watch strap is fixed length, such as Fruit is suitable for wearing on the wrist, it is difficult to wear on the outside of the diving suit, on the contrary, if suitable for wearing a diving suit, the daily wear on the wrist will appear to be very loose. Antimagnetic function is a basic function of the watch, in the last century before 90s, TV and computer are not popular, everyone's entertainment equipment basic limit on the radio, I think a lot of people like me, are too small when disassembling the radio. The radio is on the reception of electromagnetic signals to play, if the watch is placed on the radio while long time, will make the inside of the magnetic components, seriously affect the movement of the original, so watchmakers of antimagnetic function, is currently the most popular way is the main component of the magnetic materials: silicon, alloy etc.. At present, the most common use of the silicon material is OMEGA, and the use of Patek Philippe is the ultimate. But not only this kind of antimagnetic, and built-in soft shell. Then the current performance of antimagnetic and reached watch what you do? This had to mention Rolex, Rolex Milgause series is famous for its strong antimagnetic performance, anti magnetic strength of 1000 Gauss, equivalent to carry 100000A/M, you know, all the pilot is most in need of antimagnetic, because pilots often in the machine room, its magnetic field strength is very high, but it is generally only Gauss reached 400, and the highest is 800 Gauss. Milgauss is the name of Rolex "mile (1000) and Gauss (Gauss)", the internal magnetic alloy to create a diamagnetic cover, the diamagnetic cover part connected with the movement, a part of the oyster shell connection, see this, I think you should know